Chicago Philharmonic Sound Walks:
Bloomingdale Trail

Take a walk on the sonic side!
Chicago Philharmonic and the Chicago Park District bring you a curated “sound walk” playlist. Put your headphones on and immerse yourself in the sounds of our city!

The following playlists have been curated by The Chicago Philharmonic Society, and are presented by the Chicago Park District – Night Out in the Parks.
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The Bloomingdale Trail


Enjoy this playlist as you stroll through the Bloomingdale Trail, taking in the sights and sounds of this walkable trail that traverses the West Side of Chicago. Featuring Chi Phil collaborators from the past and present (including Sleeping At Last, Marcus Norris, and Laufey) this playlist spans the musical breadth of our incredible city! From early improvising groups like the Art Ensemble of Chicago, to rising stars like singer-songwriter KAINA, this playlist will keep you moving and grooving along the trail.



Laufey — From The Start


Laufey, a contemporary jazz singer-songwriter, is known for blending traditional jazz with modern sensibilities. Her music features lush arrangements, soulful vocals, and intimate lyrics. “From The Start” exemplifies Laufey’s unique style with smooth vocals and heartfelt lyrics about love. The song’s bubbly feel is perfect for a late afternoon jog or early morning bike ride. The scenic views from the trail and hum of city activity complement the song’s powerful melodies, making each step feel like part of a cinematic journey.

If you can’t get enough of Laufey, make sure to see her with the Chicago Philharmonic at Lollapalooza this summer! Tickets can be purchased here:

Sleeping At Last — Parade of Planets


Sleeping At Last, the musical project of songwriter Ryan O’Neal, is celebrated for music that is both introspective and expansive. This track exemplifies this unique style, combining lush orchestration with subtle vocals. The song’s blend of strings, piano, and soft electronic elements crafts a serene and powerful ambiance. This makes it perfect for enhancing reflective moments. Listening to this track while walking on the Bloomingdale Trail amplifies its calming effects. The natural beauty and tranquility of the trails harmonize with the song’s gentle rhythms and celestial motifs. Together, they transform a simple walk into a meditative, almost otherworldly experience, connecting the listener deeply with both nature and the music.

If you like what you hear, make sure to catch Sleeping At Last with the Chicago Philharmonic in October! Tickets can be purchased here:


About The Bloomingdale Trail


As part of a plan to bring more open space to Chicago’s northwest side, the city converted the underused Bloomingdale Rail embankment into a 2.7-mile elevated trail linking a series of grade-level parks. When active rail service ceased in the 1990s the embankment, which was built right on Bloomingdale Ave following the Great Chicago Fire, was reclaimed by community members as an impromptu trail. In the early 2000s the idea gained traction through several community-based visions and in 2004 as part of the Logan Square Open Space Plan. The linear park had widespread community support and input from the beginning, helping to develop the park’s design, function, and aesthetics. The Bloomingdale Trail opened in 2015, connecting four diverse neighborhoods, and bringing together arts, history, and design. The elevated Bloomingdale Trail welcomes approximately 1.2 million bikers, runners, and walkers a year and connects four existing and 2 planned adjacent ground-level parks. Combined, the Bloomingdale Trail plus it’s access parks are called The 606 —named for Chicago’s zip code prefix. The Bloomingdale Trail as well as several of the access parks were developed through a private partnership between the City of Chicago, the Chicago Park District, the Trust for Public Land. Today the parks are managed by the Chicago Park District and the Friends of the Bloomingdale Trail as the Park Advisory Council.

The trail is located at the 1800 block north in Chicago, between Ashland (1600W) and Ridgeway (3750W), with 12 access points along its nearly three miles. For more info visit or

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