Chicago Philharmonic Sound Walks:
Marian R. Byrnes Natural Area

Take a walk on the sonic side!
Chicago Philharmonic and the Chicago Park District bring you a curated “sound walk” playlist. Put your headphones on and immerse yourself in the sounds of our city!

The following playlists have been curated by The Chicago Philharmonic Society, and are presented by the Chicago Park District – Night Out in the Parks.
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The Marian R. Byrnes Natural Area



Enjoy this playlist as you make your way through the raw wilderness of the Marian Byrnes Natural Areal. With gorgeous wildlife and woodland habitats, this tranquil nature area sits in South Chicago and offers visitors an escape from the bustle of the city.This playlist is focused on getting the energy up to keep you on the trail through one of Chicago’s largest natural areas! Highlights include some of our artists who we’ll be collaborating with, like the folk/punk band Violent Femmes, artists we’re paying tribute to, like music icon Whitney Houston, and past collaborators who we just can’t get enough of, like violinist Kishi Bashi.


Blister In The Sun – Violent Femmes


Violent Femmes, an iconic Milwaukee band, released “Blister In The Sun” in 1983, but in 2024, it’s still in heavy rotation. The iconic guitar riff and driving drums make it a timeless anthem. Listening to “Blister in the Sun” while walking on the Marian Byrnes Nature Trail in Chicago offers an energizing experience. Whether you’re out on the trail for a run, keeping an eye out for birds and native plants, or just looking to get into more natural spaces, this track is meant to keep you pumped up on your nature journey! If you like what you hear, come see the Violent Femmes with the Chicago Philharmonic at Ravinia in June, tickets can be found at:


I’m Every Woman – Whitney Houston


This playlist has unintentionally become our throwback playlist, but how doesn’t love a throwback? Whitney Houston is one of the greatest vocalists of all time, and her music, with its soulful delivery and impeccable technique, has had a huge impact on the world. “I’m Every Woman,” a standout track from Houston’s repertoire, showcases her extraordinary talent. Originally by Chaka Khan, Houston’s version amplifies the song’s empowering message with her dynamic vocals and vibrant energy. The scenic environment of the Marian Byrnes trail complements the song’s vibrant energy, creating an invigorating and uplifting atmosphere. As you walk through the lush greenery and peaceful surroundings, Houston’s powerful voice and the song’s infectious rhythm will elevate your spirits! Keep your eye out for an announcement for our concert celebrating her life and music at Ravinia in August, tickets are available at:


About The Marian R. Byrnes Natural Area


At over 140 acres, Marian R. Byrnes is one of the largest natural areas in Chicago. The site, situated in the Jeffery Manor neighborhood, contains marsh, wet prairie, prairie, savanna, and woodland habitats. It is a great place to observe wildlife including frogs, snakes, birds, and deer. This park was previously known as Park No. 562 and Van Vlissingen Prairie.

We pulled from the rich classical music scene in Chicago for this playlist, and delved into some of the artists who have worked with Chicago Philharmonic in our historic 33rd season, as well as some special guests who will be joining us soon, so if you want a sneak peak, throw this playlist on and enjoy the serenity and long walks offered at the Marian R. Byrnes Natural Area.

The Marian Byrnes Nature Area is located at 2200 E. 103rd St. Chicago, IL 60617. For more info visit

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