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A student program specially curated for Chicagoland high school and college students.


student xclusive


Are you a student in the Chicagoland area looking to unlock a world of fresh music, excitement, and opportunity? Look no further! Introducing STUDENT XCLUSIVE—a student program designed by Chicago Philharmonic for college and high school students. With STUDENT XCLUSIVE, you can immerse yourself in Chicago’s vibrant music scene, attend live concerts with unbeatable student discounts, and seize valuable chances for professional growth. Get ready to elevate your student experience!



STUDENT XCLUSIVE is a unique initiative crafted by Chicago Philharmonic to engage and empower students who share a passion for music.


Why Should You Be Involved?

Being a part of STUDENT XCLUSIVE will open doors to a wide array of benefits and privileges.
Here’s why you should grab this opportunity with both hands:


  1. Explore Chicago’s Diverse Music Scene:

    Chicago is known for its rich music culture, from classical symphonies to contemporary collaborative concerts. By being a part of STUDENT XCLUSIVE, you will have affordable access to a wide variety of music genres and performances. Whether you’re a classical music enthusiast or love to groove to the beats of contemporary artists, there’s something for everyone! After all, Chicago Philharmonic is known as Chicago’s most dynamic orchestra.

  2. Live Concerts at Unbeatable Prices:

    STUDENT XCLUSIVE grants you access to amazing concerts at a fraction of the cost, thanks to specialized student discount codes. Imagine being in the front row of a captivating symphonic performance without breaking the bank!

  3. Special Events:

    Get ready for a taste of the backstage experience! As a member of STUDENT XCLUSIVE, you will be invited to exclusive events such as rehearsals and pre-concert talks. Get an insider’s perspective on the magic behind every spectacular performance.

  4. Professional Development Opportunities:

    Looking to pursue a career in the music industry? STUDENT XCLUSIVE will inform its members about internships and volunteering opportunities with Chicago Philharmonic. It’s your chance to network with industry professionals and gain invaluable experience.

  5. Performance Opportunities:

    Take center stage! STUDENT XCLUSIVE members will stay informed about future performance opportunities to play alongside renowned Chicago Philharmonic musicians such as Side by Side with the Chicago Philharmonic, Chicago Phil’s most popular community engagement event. A great chance to make valuable connections, get guidance from the best musicians in the biz, and ultimately have fun!



STUDENT XCLUSIVE is your golden ticket to the city’s vibrant music scene. Get excited for affordable experiences and valuable opportunities that will totally elevate your student experience to new heights.


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