Chicago Philharmonic Sound Walks:
Burnham Wildlife Corridor

Take a walk on the sonic side!
Chicago Philharmonic and the Chicago Park District bring you a curated “sound walk” playlist. Put your headphones on and immerse yourself in the sounds of our city!

The following playlists have been curated by The Chicago Philharmonic Society, and are presented by the Chicago Park District – Night Out in the Parks.
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The Burnham Wildlife Corridor



Enjoy this lively playlist as you groove through the Burnham Wildlife Corridor! Nestled along the lakeshore, this beautiful trail is a perfect escape into nature, offering stunning views, diverse wildlife, and public art along the way. This playlist is all about keeping your spirits high as you wander through this urban oasis. Highlights include music from our popular film concerts (Black Panther, Blade Runner, Dracula) as well as songs from some our favorite musical organizations in Chicago, like the Lyric Opera’s recording of “The Barber of Seville”. Pop in those earbuds and let the music carry you through the natural wonders of the Burnham Wildlife Corridor!


Nyana Wam — Baaba Maal, Ludwig Göransson, and Massamba Diop


Massamba Diop is a master of the tama, also known as the talking drum, and he brings an incredible energy and rhythm to every performance. His skill in playing this traditional West African instrument is unmatched, making him a standout artist in the global music scene. “Nyana Wam,” a collaboration between Baaba Maal, Ludwig Göransson, and Massamba Diop for the “Black Panther” soundtrack, is a track that showcases Diop’s extraordinary talent. The song blends traditional African rhythms with contemporary sounds, creating a vibrant and captivating melody. Diop’s dynamic drumming adds a pulsating heartbeat to the song, while Baaba Maal’s soulful vocals and Göransson’s modern production tie it all together. This song is also perfect for a walk through the Burnham Wildlife Corridor in Chicago! As you explore the beautiful lakeshore and encounter diverse wildlife, the music’s intense rhythm and expansive textures go perfectly with the natural beauty around you, making each step feel like part of a grand adventure. The Chicago Philharmonic is excited to bring a live orchestral accompaniment of “Black Panther” back to Chicago, featuring Massamba Diop on the tama drum! For more info on this concert, visit:


Vampire Hunters — Wojciech Kilar


Polish composer Wojciech Kilar is celebrated for his powerful and evocative film scores. His music is known for its dramatic intensity and rich orchestral textures, which have graced numerous classic films. “Vampire Hunters,” one of Kilar’s most iconic pieces from the soundtrack of “Bram Stoker’s Dracula,” is a thrilling and intense composition. The dramatic orchestration creates a sense of urgency and excitement that is both haunting and exhilarating. Adding this track to your Burnham Wildlife Corridor experience brings an exciting twist to your nature walk. Whether you’re walking among the trees or spotting wildlife, this track will add a layer of excitement and grandeur to your experience. Join us for the US premiere of “Dracula: Live In Concert” this fall, more info can be found here:


About The Burnham Wildlife Corridor



The Burnham Wildlife Corridor (BWC) is a 100-acre ribbon of urban wilderness running through Burnham Park. The corridor is composed of 3 main natural areas including the Burnham Centennial Prairie, Burnham Nature Sanctuary, and McCormick Bird Sanctuary. The corridor spans both sides of Lake Shore Drive, and is the largest stretch of natural area along Chicago’s lakefront. Its native prairie, savanna, and woodland ecosystems provide healthy, diverse habitat for migratory birds and other wildlife, and offer opportunities for visitors to meaningfully connect to this revitalized public green space in ways that inspire nature exploration, enjoyment, and stewardship.

In the 20th century, much of the blues, R&B, and jazz that would go on to dominate the music scene was coming out of Chicago, specifically the South side, and the work of these artists continues to resonate throughout the city. Listening to this playlist, you can jump from the blues of Muddy Waters to the piano riffs of Lil Hardin Armstrong, or relax to the soothing voice of Mahalia Jackson, all while enjoying the diverse flora and fauna found along the Burnham Wildlife corridor.

The BWC is located runs from McCormick Place south to East 47th Street. For more info visit

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